Get involved!

Link with your community

We hope that you will share your work and inspiration with the wider community around your school: parents, families, local businesses and members of the community. We have showcased examples of school projects that have done this in our Community theme - from school farmers' markets to environmental cleaning product refill points. 

You can magnify your efforts and encourage others to adopt more climate-friendly practices with your role as a hub in the local community.

Join a bigger movement

There are many programmes that operate on a regional, national or even international scale to make positive changes around climate change and environmental issues. We have highlighted these programmes in our National theme, so have a look what is being done in your country and further afield.

Your school could join a national programme to help you effectively deliver and showcase your work. Consider which programmes may link well with the projects you are interested in - they may offer support with materials, teaching resources, training and expert support. Join a movement of schools, multiply your work and act as a best practice 'flagship' school!