About Planet Friendly Schools

Planet Friendly Schools works with partners in nine European countries to help schools be part of the solution to tackling climate change. Our project will help empower schools, together with the communities they serve, to make positive changes though inspiring planet-friendly projects.

We have three key objectives:

Sharing innovation and best practice examples

The project partners have presented inspiring planet-friendly projects in each country that others can learn from. These can then be replicated by schools in other countries, and promoted to a wider audience internationally.

Inspire and empower our target groups to make change through small practical steps

The project provides the opportunity to trickle-down best practice and innovation to schools and communities. This provides an opportunity to promote innovative ideas across the nine partnership countries and beyond.

Multiplying practical solutions

The website allows us to make the best practice examples easily accessible in today’s digital society, creating filmed case studies and a dynamic website enable easy browsing and sharing.

People are usually willing to make small sustainable changes to their lifestyles, but often need to be shown the ideas and be inspired to take part. The growth of recycling of packaging and avoiding plastic carrier bags is an example of how people have embraced a new sustainable habit, once the concept has been embedded in society. Likewise, people are buying more local food to reduce food miles; choosing organic produce for environmental and health reasons; eating less meat and more plant-based diets. The project is based on the premise that small individual changes can make a big difference when multiplied by a large number of people. Like throwing a pebble into the pond, the ripples will move out and influence a wider group of people.