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Here are some short films to highlight great ideas from all nine countries taking part in the Planet Friendly Schools project.

They cover the themes of food, growing and environmental projects and show how schools can work on small ideas that can be run in-school; projects which link to the surrounding community; and regional or national programmes where schools can participate with others in planet friendly projects.

After watching the films, you can click here to browse all 81 project case studies...

  • TastEd

    School Food

    United KingdomUnited Kingdom

  • To be completed

    School Growing

    United KingdomUnited Kingdom

  • To be completed

    School Environmental

    United KingdomUnited Kingdom

  • Radostice School Farm Boxes

    Community Food


  • Garden with Class

    Community Growing


  • Bee Kids

    Community Environmental


  • Vild Mad (Wild Food)

    National Food


  • To be completed

    National Growing

    United KingdomUnited Kingdom

  • Forest Kindergartens and Schools

    National Environmental