Roskilde University

Roskilde University (RUC) is a public university founded in 1972, situated in the Greater Copenhagen area, with 8400 students and 900 employees. Roskilde University's primary objective is to contribute to experimental, innovative forms of research, learning and problem-solving that contribute to society's development. Interdisciplinary approaches and close collaborations with partners outside the university are applied due to the belief that no major problems are ever resolved on the basis of any single academic discipline alone.

RUC is also constantly engaged in developing new ways to interact with the world around us, in order to ensure that the university's reach extends as far as possible into the outside world and that the world reaches even further into the university. RUC offers Bachelors Degree programmes, Master Degree programmes, postgraduate (PhD) studies, and further education. The Department of People and Technology is involved with development of sustainable solutions through experimental approaches and people’s active commitment. The Department is covering human, society, health and IT scientific fields as well as planning, intervention and design inclined fields.

Roskilde University,
Universitetsvej 1,
P.O. Box 260,
DK-4000 Roskilde