Institut equalita e.V.

Institut equalita e.V. is a non-profit non-governmental organization for qualification and networking in Europe, located in Cologne, Germany. Since 1992 equalita has carried out more than 200 projects, trainings and consulting on ecological, social and cultural issues. They are financed by national, regional, local and private funds, but also in the framework of European Union programs like Europeaide, ADAPT, QUATRO, PHARE, LLP, Leonard da Vinci, Grundtvig, and Erasmus+..

One focus is the education for organic trade and farming, others are North−South topics and Global Learning. Since more than ten years institute equalita is also engaged in e-learning and web-based projects. The team consists of experts working as project manager, consultants and educational experts in social and ecological institutions in Germany, Europe and worldwide. Institute equalita is co-operating with a network of experts and numerous partner organisations in Europe and countries of the South.

The main activities of Institute equalita are qualification, education, project management and consulting for SMEs, associations and non-profit organizations focusing on Global Learning, development issues and ecological topics. In 2002 Institut equalita started the initiative “Eco-Qualify” for quality assurance in organic retail with several LdV projects (Pilot, TOI, Partnership). Since 2010 the institute runs several projects on EQF and ECVET issues and on e-learning.

In the last two years Institut equalita was partner of the project GoScience. In the project innovative teaching units in the field of science subjects / STEM subjects were developed. In these lessons, methods of creative work (e.g. storytelling, theater, land art, graffiti, videos) were integrated. European project partners were schools and extra-curricular educational institutions in Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and Spain.

Institut equalita, Germany
Lütticherstr. 68
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