Centro Libero Analisi e Ricerca

Centro Libero Analisi e Ricerca – CLAR, is an Italian non-profit Association founded in 1995.In 2005 it has been accredited by Marche Region (IT) for vocational and educational training (VET), including compulsory education, lifelong learning, higher education, continuos learning for workers and entrepreneurs. It established stable links with companies, trade
unions, public schools, universities, charities and NGOs, municipalities and public bodies at regional and multi-regional level, now having at its disposal a close-knitt network, able to give a wide visibility to its activites.

Since 1998, CLAR has been designing, presenting, managing and accounting over 70 ESF vocational training courses, with more than 300.000 hrs. delivered, getting a large expertise in management of activities based on EC resources. Many courses are completely or partially delivered having resort to e-learning methods and tools, so that in 2005 CLAR set up its own distance learning platform at the website www.liberaformazione.it. Moreover, CLAR has been running VET courses funded by Italian Ministry of Labour in the framework of Inter-Professional Continuous Learning for Workers (Fondi Interprofessionali per la Formazione Continua dei Lavoratori) especially addressed to employees, so that it is steadily connected with SMEs and big companies operating in Marche Region. So far, our courses are addressed to unemployed people, public and private companies and managers, in a wide range of topics: sustainability, cultural and natural heritage, wellness and fitness, social care, business management, ICT and marketing. CLAR took part to trans-national firstly providing studies, press-office services, promotion and technical consultancy. CLAR is the owner of a publicly recognized on-line magazine at www.clarissa.it, dealing with in-depth analysis concerning local events, cultural, socioeconomical and international issues.

Centro Libero Analisi e Ricerca – CLAR
via Galileo Galilei, 3 Passo Ripe
60012 Trecastelli (AN)

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