Celostno izobrazevanje o prehrani

Celostno izobraževanje o prehrani Tanja Bordon s.p. (CIOP) is a small company, which is active from 2015 in the field of education, focused on food, healthy lifestyle and sustainability. As an educator it cooperates with 4 different colleges from Slovenija (programs: Catering and Tourism, Wellness) and with a faculty for sustainable tourism, with some schools (secondary and primary) and kindergartens as well. In kindergartens CIOP has educational activities for pedagogues and kitchen staff. In primary and secondary schools CIOP works with pedagogues and with children. It helps them to change their food for the better and has a focus on better communication between employees, parents and the local community.

CIOP cooperates with a Park Škocjan Caves, which is under UNESCO heritage protection and a protected wetland - as one of the educators for their network of schools. Its emphasis is also on water, which is in Slovenija of excellent quality, but as in other parts of the world - requires special attention, because of its supplies and our dependency on it. Educational programmes of CIOP are approved by Ministry of education and offered in the catalogue of additional education for pedagogues.

It is also one of educators for different companies in Slovenian campaign Better Health in the Work Place.
CIOP believes, that learning can be fun, because through fun we learn most efficiently. This is especially important for younger groups of people and children. This is why CIOP is looking for new approaches on teaching about our food and drink.
Tanja Bordon wrote articles about nutrition, sustainability and role of kindergarten pedagogues in children nutrition in Slovenian magazines and was guest on national radio and TV.

CIOP Tanja Bordon s.p.
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