Closer to the Woods

A group of young people from Poland and Germany will meet at the biodynamically run, Juchowo Farm. The aim of the meeting will be based upon group cooperation to help the planet. Young people from both countries have different experiences when it comes to environmental protection and actions to beat climate change. The meeting will be an opportunity to exchange these experiences. The joint activities will focus on working in the fores that surrounds the farm. In this way the youngsters will learn and experience why the diversity of forest is so important for the future of our planet. Through this meeting and the work in the forest, we want the youngsters to learn how to deal sustainably with the nature we are custodians of.

How is the project linked to climate change & sustainability?

The project makes direct reference to climate change and sustainable development. Children will get the opportunity to work in the forest, meet with the foresters, learn about the history and everyday life of the forest and learn about the role of the forest for our planet.

Who is involved?

The project will involve Polish and German pupils, their teachers, the school community and parents, as well as state forestry workers from the Szczecinek region.

How are the participants involved?

For a period of two weeks, every day for several hours, the pupils will be working in the forest to plant trees, clear the forest and take care of the forest. During these sessions, foresters will demonstrate to the children, the rich life ofthea forest. Presentations, talks and discussions on the importance of the forest for the climate of our planet are also planned. Based on the collected materials and experiences, young people will prepare presentations, photographs and short films documenting the life of the forest and the importanceof its environment protection.

Key steps

  • Daily work in the forest under the supervision of a forester.
  • Thematic excursions with foresters, during which young people will learn about the history of the forest, the richness of the forest life and the importance of the forest for the environment and the climate.
  • Preparation by the children of films and pictures for the school presentation.
  • Presentations, lectures and discussions on the topic of the forest prepared by foresters.
  • Presentations for the school and parents after the project completion.





'Do some classroom research to discover how woodlands and forests help to capture carbon from the atmosphere'